Guilty Pleasure Reading: The Host

Confession: I think I'm a fangirl. This hasn't happened to me since I ran around my primary school playground, imaginary Nimbus 2000 in tow. 
It all started with a hankering for a guilty read that was awesomely romantic (sshh not like that) in a cheesy first-love kind of way. Before I knew it, I had put down The New Yorker and one-clicked The Host by Stephanie Meyer onto my Kindle.

I know what you're thinking. "Stephanie Meyer? Come on, Lindsey! I thought you had a literature degree." But yes, I spent the ENTIRE night tapping those virtual pages until there was nothing left to tap (stop your dirty mind!!). 

Of course The Host wouldn't be a guilty pleasure read without a love triangle. The difference here? Meyer crafts her tri-pointed passion unprecedentedly. Each character is dynamic and I found myself scoffing at the few I initially expected to love. 

I'll admit the Twilight books sit hidden on my shelf, but this particular Meyer offering stands alone. It's set in a post-alien invasion world where the female "soul" protagonist navigates her existence on Earth while sharing consciousness with the original human owner of her body. No vampires, no werewolves, no disheveled-yet-calculated hair, just an entertaining read capable of provoking personal introspection. 

Have you read The Host? There is a movie version in theaters now but it looks lame.  If you are brave enough to share, I'd love to know some of your guilty pleasure reads! No judging allowed... all the cool kids (aka me and Kate Bush) are doing it.  


  1. I've been contemplating reading this for a while now and I'll admit the fact that a movie has come out so soon kinda put me off a bit because as soon as the movie version comes out I immediately think "marketing ploy...storyline must be silly" lol.

    But now you've inspired me to try it!

    My hidden little guilty pleasure is definitely going back into the HP series every now and then... it's a "lifer"!

    1. Haha Tamryn, I'm with you on the Harry Potter series!

      I'm glad I inspired you to try The Host! I too was apprehensive to read it after seeing the televisions spots for the movie, but ultimately I'm glad I looked past them & picked up the book. It's an entertaining read (though the plot does get a bit slow in the middle).


  2. I really want to read this book! My friend has read it and told me it was so good, so I need to have a look myself! I need to go and read this book soon because I would like to see the movie too! haha x Laura

    1. I agree with your friend! It is an entertaining read and, from what I've heard, better than the movie. Definitely give it a read, Laura! :) x

  3. I've never ever read the twilight books or seen the movies, but to my surprise I actually enjoyed the host movie! It made me want to read the book, so I think I'll give it a go! :)

    Jess xo
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